Friday, March 22, 2013

Lovely Affair

My love affair with a Korean (cosmetics) begun when my cousin-in-law who worked in Korea brought some of it when she went home. Since then, I can‘t resist of having Korean cosmetics. It gorgeously affected me! It gives my face a glow. It makes my gloomy day bright. I instantly fell in love with The Faceshop! It fits right for the Asian skin. 
Just recently, I bought another thing from their lovely boutique. The blusher (my favorite cosmetic next to concealer and powder-foundation) has a new look. It looks cool and more compact. I chose the Pink-Peach color, I guess it is the warmest pink from the Pink range of Lovely Me:Ex You and Face Blusher (Php295.00). When I tried it on, it is not shimmery or glittery, unlike their other blusher which is good for parties or evening events. This one is something for everyday wear in the office or school. The case is clear rectangular hard plastic with cassette tape print on it. Cute! :)

Cute cassette tape print on its packaging

Pretty Pink shade 

Back label

Trying it on my cheeks! But before putting on the blusher,
I put on Lovely Me:ex BB Cream SPF 20 :)
Lovely Me:Ex packaging before and today

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Falling In Love With...


Due to my love to MK (Michael Kors), i decided to enter to his Instagram photo contest by uploading the picture of my very own MK Women’s Showstopper Classic Chronograph Tortoise Rose Gold watch along with my two-tone gold-platinum diamond clad wedding ring with my husband’s name engraved on it, and my favorite pair of my mother’s pearl earrings. For me, the 3-piece accessories look good together because they matches very well and the contest title suits well with these jewelries, Falling In Love With... I am so in love with my Precious.Lovelife.MichaelKors! <3

Captured by my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet and enhanced with
Instagram app.

Monday, July 9, 2012

10 Worth Investing Fashion Must-Haves

Nowadays, there are so many choices in fashion especially for women. To keep your closet and dresser organized and never goes out of style, try to keep these pieces that are worth investing in.

1. Leather Tote Bag

Trendy and sturdy leather tote bags that could carry all your stuffs.

2. Flats and Wedges

Flats and Wedges. These shoes are timeless for me and can be paired with skirt, jeans, slacks and even shorts.

3. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress. A timeless must-have! This is a dress for all occasions that every girl should have. Whether trendy or classic, the little black dress is always updated.

4. Turtle Neck 

Turtle neck top is always in for cold weather. You can always pull this out from your closet from June to January
(in the Philippines wherein  the weather is from rainy to cold).

5. Plain Tops

Plain tops. Whether hot or cold season, these colorful pieces are always visible and never go out of style.
It's the basic thing to have.

6. Statement Jackets

Statement Jackets. These fashionable pieces are good for work, parties, events and more.
A plain top and jeans can be trendy if paired with a statement jacket of your choice.

7. Gold, Silver and White Gold

Gold, White Gold and Silver are timeless. These precious pieces are worth it.
Its value don't depreciate that much and most of the time its value goes up in due time.

8. South Sea and Fresh Water Pearls

Authentic pearls are worth of your investment. You can wear this on ordinary day or on special occasions.
A certified timeless piece.

9. Sensible Watch

Time pieces shouldn't have to be luxurious.
As long as it works and has timeless design, wear it with pride. :)

10. Classic Shades

The wayfarer and aviators are originated by Ray-Ban which are certified timeless! 

So there you are, some of the worth-buying pieces that should be in your closet and dresser which never go out of style, or if so, will surely be back in the couple of years! :)

What's In My Pouch?

Inspired by Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine's What's In My Bag? section, I came up with my own version but this time I called it, What's In My Pouch? Little Things that I have in my pouch to organize my stuffs in my bag (I'm not sure if I really organized it well) and carry it all everyday! 

Photo taken from my Blackberry Curve and edit it with photo frame from BB app :)

My kikay essentials :)

My office essentials :)

My pouch is nearly like a bag for some people. It consists of all the things you can almost see in one's bag (sometimes, others don't bring 'em everyday) but for me, it's all in my Star World pouch alone given to me by my friend from a content distributor. So there you go- What's In My Pouch? L-R (pic #2) neon green pony tail band, blackberry USB cable, crystal barrette, ELF eyebrow sharpener, ELF two-way cake foundation, clinique dual eyeshadow, Avon lipcolor, Maybelline Baby Lips balm, ELF concealer, Nature Republic cheek and lip tint, eyebrow razor, Revlon lipcolor, ELF lipcolor, nail cutter, YSL lipcolor, Etude House eyebrow pen.
L-R (pic #3) Evo Bond super glue, correction tape, USB flash drive, Swiss Army, memory card reader, Nickelodeon flash drive,  Parker pen, Pilot pen, GMA pen, MyGel pen, and iPod shuffle. So, What's in you pouch? =) <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lady in Red

May 5, 2012 is my cousin Jason and his fiance, Jeanette's wedding day! 
I love attending weddings ever since I was a kid. It gives me a feeling of aside from family reunions, this is the perfect occasion to be all together and enjoy the perfect moment of LOVE. :) 
Aside from the happy feeling, I love the dressing up part. And for this wonderful occasion, I decided to be color-coordinated with their motif - RED.

Cheetah print platforms are from St. Francis Square, red pencil cut dress by C of Cinderella, SM North Edsa, white watch from Fossil, red and gold bangle - a gift from my grandma, tear-drop diamond necklace is from SM Accessories.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Animal Print Oxford

It's been almost 3 months since the last time I posted here in my blog. Actually I have tons to share but I have been busy lately. Okay, to start with, I am recently crazy about oxfords and loafers just like Christian Louboutin and TOD'S! 

After looking for it in three malls, the oxford that I have in my mind finally showed up! I found it in Landmark department store in Trinoma and the "Animal-Print Oxford" was from BIANCA shoes. It was a faux leopard fur print pointed oxford style with brown shoes laces. It just perfectly comfortable, stylish and very affordable! So for you to see, here are my Blackberry shots. Lol!

Animal Print Oxfords by BIANCA


I love my oxfords! <3 :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Black Friday.

TGIF! The start of the weekend, the end of work days and I smell rest day!!! :) For some (and for me), Friday is the most-awaited day of the week. It's the day that (almost) everybody look up to. So for my Friday's work outfit, I decided to wear Black+Gray+Turquoise accessories+Powder Pink flats = Simply fun! 

But there is one thing I forgot :( - my camera! In substitute, I used my sister's 
iPhone (and thanks to my sister Phia for the shoot)!


Should I pull the alarm down just for fun? Nah! I'm just holding it for shoot. :p

All pictures with black borders are product of Instagram via iPhone :)
iLove Instagram!

Happy weekend! :)

Top cover: Gray short sleeve with shirring 
Inner top: Black tube top from tiangge in St. Francis Square
Bottom: Black skinny pants from M&Co.
Shoes: Powder pink flats with stripes ribbon detail.
Accessories: Turquoise earrings (Php20), necklace (Php90), bracelets (Php40 each), 
all from Vente! 
Watch: White leather watch from Fossil
Ring: Heart silver ring from Just Gift and 
my two-tone (platinum & gold) wedding ring with diamond :)