Friday, March 22, 2013

Lovely Affair

My love affair with a Korean (cosmetics) begun when my cousin-in-law who worked in Korea brought some of it when she went home. Since then, I can‘t resist of having Korean cosmetics. It gorgeously affected me! It gives my face a glow. It makes my gloomy day bright. I instantly fell in love with The Faceshop! It fits right for the Asian skin. 
Just recently, I bought another thing from their lovely boutique. The blusher (my favorite cosmetic next to concealer and powder-foundation) has a new look. It looks cool and more compact. I chose the Pink-Peach color, I guess it is the warmest pink from the Pink range of Lovely Me:Ex You and Face Blusher (Php295.00). When I tried it on, it is not shimmery or glittery, unlike their other blusher which is good for parties or evening events. This one is something for everyday wear in the office or school. The case is clear rectangular hard plastic with cassette tape print on it. Cute! :)

Cute cassette tape print on its packaging

Pretty Pink shade 

Back label

Trying it on my cheeks! But before putting on the blusher,
I put on Lovely Me:ex BB Cream SPF 20 :)
Lovely Me:Ex packaging before and today

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